Help Deckline Leitão Support Fitness Industry Professionals

Posted On Jun 13, 2020

Deckline Leitão has been training athletes for more than two decades, and has worked with Saina Nehwal, Deepika Kumari, Ashiwni Ponappa amongst others. He is looking to raise funds for three professionals in the industry who have been severely hit by the pandemic.

About the Cause Champion

Deckline Leitão has been training for more than two decades and brings the best of Sport & Exercise Science combined with wisdom from his years in the fitness coaching industry. He has worked with top Indian athletes such as Saina Nehwal, Deepika Kumari, Anup Shridhar, Ashwini Ponappa, Srihari Nataraj, Archana Kamath and others.

About the Cause

The Indian fitness industry has been severely affected by the closure of gyms due to the pandemic. Pradeep Anand, Shuaib Ahmed and Ranjitha Amma are three individuals who have not been able to earn over the past few months. They are really in need of funds at this time as they are finding it difficult to manage their families.

Deckline knows them personally and is aware of the difficulties they are facing. While they hide their troubles because they work in an industry where smiles are the norm and everyone working gets used to hiding their troubles to blend well with the clients and customers. The hardships of the fitness staff were always hidden behind the music and the jazz of the fitness industry but it’s become very tough for them now. It’s time to act and help in any which way you can. 

The money raised will go straight to the beneficiaries, and will be distributed equally amongst them, so that they see a ray of hope from the world that they served when they could. 

Intended Beneficiaries

Pradeep Anand lost his job as a trainer and has found it very hard to sustain his family consisting of his wife and two children. With no new jobs on offer and gyms closing down it has become very tough to manage his daily expenditure and he is unsure of his family’s future. Every little help will be of help to him and his family. 

Shuaib Ahmed is another trainer with a wife and a small child to look after. He has been finding it extremely difficult to look after his family expenses with the fitness industry affected he is really scared for the upcoming months. With a young family to look after any help will go a long way in paying his rents and food expenses. 

Ranjitha Amma is an old lady who Deckline has known for many years. She used to work as cleaning staff in a gym to support her family. She lives in a slum in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore and has recently lost her job. She used to work so that she could look after her daughter even though she has age-related health problems. Even a small amount will go a long way to support her.