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1) How does #PlayForIndia work?

Answer: #PlayForIndia connects athletes, fans, and organisations to worthy causes curated by our team. You can choose to donate your time, knowledge, or money, and rest assured, they’ll reach those who need it the most. For more information about #PlayForIndia, click here.

2) Why should I choose to volunteer or donate through #PlayForIndia?

Answer: We respect your decision to help the sports community and society at large by volunteering and/or donating, and understand that you want your effort to make an impact. #PlayForIndia helps you with this by offering you a wide range of credible causes that will meaningfully impact society. We list causes after clearing them through stringent norms of credibility and accountability.

3) I am not receiving emails from #PlayForIndia on my email ID. What could the problem be?

Answer: At times spam filters can prevent emails from reaching you. Please add the ID playforindia (at) gosports (dot) in to your address book so you keep receiving important emails from #PlayForIndia.  

4) What are the ways in which my organization can partner with #PlayForIndia?

Answer: You could choose to support us with funds or help us make an impact or spread more awareness about the cause through employee engagement activities. Please fill the relevant form available here/ Please write to us at playforindia (at) gosports (dot) in and our team would be happy to get in touch with you.

5) Do I have to give my PAN Card details?

Answer:  We would require your PAN number if your annual donations across all programs cross Indian Rupees Fifty Thousand (INR 50000). 

6) How much of my donation reaches the beneficiary?

Answer: Your donation will reach the beneficiaries of the cause you choose subject to payment gateway fees and our basic administrative costs, which shall not exceed 10% in aggregate.

7) How can I donate online?

Answer: You can donate by visiting our donations page by clicking here, carefully reading and providing your donation details and specifying the amount you wish to donate. Once you confirm that the details are correct, you will be taken to the payment gateway where you may pay using your Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI or Net Banking. Fill in the requisite details and complete the payment. You will get an immediate confirmation of your donation and will also receive an email confirmation message with the unique transaction ID.

8) Do you accept foreign donations?

Answer: #PlayForIndia currently only accepts donations from Indian Citizens.

9) When will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Answer: All donations above Indian Rupees One Thousand (INR 1000) will receive a receipt (80G certificate) within 7-10 working days of the donation date. If you haven’t received your receipt within such time, please contact us at playforindia (at) gosports (dot) in

10) How do I receive a certificate of my voluntary work?

Answer: You can find the information on the cause, associated non-profit organization (if any) you committed yourself to and the nature of the volunteer work or amount of hours committed in the confirmation email sent by #PlayForIndia. If you need any additional certificate, please contact us at playforindia (at) gosports (dot) in, although we are not obliged to provide any certificate generally not provided to volunteers for the concerned cause.

11) Can I share the causes on social media?

Answer: We’d love that! The more people join the #PlayForIndia movement and share activities on social media, the greater chances of succeeding and meaningfully impacting society.

12.) I have submitted my volunteer application form, what next? How do I start volunteering?

Answer: Thank you. #PlayForIndia values your time and in order to optimally utilize your skills for the cause selected by you, please wait for us to contact you regarding the way in which you may help, the timings and the process for volunteering. The tentative dates and details for each volunteering activity are displayed on our website here, however, the exact dates and any orientation process are only notified by email to the volunteers 7-14 days before the volunteering activity.  

13) I’m an organisation in need of help but we are not associated with sports. Am I still eligible to register as a cause?  

Answer: #PlayForIndia was created to bring together the sports community to help all those in need in society, or ask for help themselves. 

Our Volunteering Causes are not limited to sports and you may suggest any cause in need of help by clicking here and filling out the form. Our team will get in touch with you at the earliest about whether and how #PlayForIndia will be able to help your cause.  

However, our Donation Causes are limited only to the world of sport. So, if you are looking to register your cause as a Donation Cause, it would not be possible to use our platform. 

14) How safe is my personal information with #PlayForIndia?

Answer: It is #PlayForIndia’s priority to ensure the safety and security of all of our volunteers’ and donors’ information. This means that we take extensive measures to ensure that your personal information is secured in accordance with the current data protection and privacy laws and regulations. However, during any transactions, if you furnish your data to any third party website, we do not have control over their handling of your data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the security of your information.  

15) What if my address or phone number changes?

Answer: You can always email us at playforindia (at) gosports (dot) in to update your contact information.

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