Sport has the power to change the world, and we’re calling you to take the reins.

No matter what role you play on the field, no matter if you watch the game from the couch or the stands, no matter the sport that you love, we believe in your ability to impact our society’s most vulnerable.

We believe in you, to #PlayForIndia.

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Photo by Aditya Rathod on Unsplash Photo by Pro Sport Development Photo by Pro Sport Development Scenes from the cricket on Boxing Day by Hugh Macdonald, used under CC BY 2.0 / Transparency modified from the original

Sustain sport. #PlayForIndia

At #PlayForIndia, we believe that sport and community are inseparable. We hope to bring the sporting community together, no matter the hurdle, to help those who have helped us play, watch, and fall in love with sport. Harnessing the power of sport to give back to our most vulnerable in their time of need, we know that we can only emerge stronger, together.

Here’s a glimpse of how many people in the #PlayForIndia family are playing their part. We’re always looking to help others join #TeamIndia and lead the change, and hope that you will participate too. You can also suggest a cause to us. We’d love to help you help others!